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 We put Colorful Art on Amazing Products!!    Colorful Totes, Designer Pillows and Decorative Ottomans

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Defy Brands is excited to introduce you to a look that is Fresh, Modern and so Fashionably Fun.  Tomorrow’s look – without the wait.  Defy Brands exclusively offers you a variety of fun and exciting designs to enrich every room of your house, as well as, when you’re out on the town.  

Our artist have created looks tsummer-evening-in-the-sand-tote-88160slphat are all original.  They have a flair for color and eye for modern looks.  Defy Brands brings you art that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  We’ve taken art suitable for framing, but instead made them into the most fashionable products in the world.

“We wanted to produce luxurious products at affordable prices and make them environmental and animal friendly.” — Claudia Gomez, Founder 

Our leather define us.  

All of our leather products use a beautiful, high-end synthetic leather.  Why?  We care about our planet, and our product protects animals and preserves our environment. This soft material bridges the great divide between being stylish and being animal and environmentally friendly. We didn’t like the idea of hurting animals or polluting our earth to make our products. We don’t judge others, but for us it was the only choice.

All of our Synthetic leather is man-made and specially treated exclusively for Defy Brands, giving it the look, feel, surface, and color of leather.

Click Here to see our Faux Leather Pillows


Beyond selling beautiful products, Defy Brands cares about: 


  • We proudly produce some of our designer pillows at a factory that hires single mothers working to support their children.

  • This helps these women earn an honest living

  • Every pillow keeps these strong women working and their children safe

  • We take pride in this, and you should feel proud too

And there’s more…

  • For every product sold, we donate to help single mothers in the United States.

  • Our donations help send these single mothers to college so they can provide their children with a better quality of living.

We are proud to support single mothers through

  Our Donation Partner: Helping Hands for Single Moms

Small steps, like this, can make big gestures.

At Defy Brands we make beautiful products and help improve the quality of people’s lives.  So together we can make this a better world – and if you end up with beautiful designer pillows, totes or ottomans along the way – well, even better.

Welcome to the Defy Brands family.

Why Do You Need Our Decorative Pillows?

You already have an expensive sofa, chair or even bed.

Exclusive decorative pillows from Defy Brands are like adding:

  • A fresh new coat of paint to your walls or Makeup on your just-washed face

Yes, it’s beautiful without it, but why not accent its beauty.

You’ll love our pillows because:

  • The colors are brighter

  • The designs inspiring and unique

  • And the quality rich and luxurious 

Give it a try.  Place a few of our beautiful leather pillows on your furniture today and then sit back and enjoy the view.

Remember…This is not just a product.  This is Art!


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