Here we are on Tuesday and I find myself wondering how this week will go.  Will we achieve our sales goals.  Will we get our new designs finished as planned.  It is still too early in the week to see final results so here I sit wondering about Tuesdays.  On Tuesdays you are working hard to achieve the goals you set on Monday and still motivated to make it happen.  Yet it still seems like a long way until Friday.  Fridays are great since you see the final results for the week and you begin your weekend.

As I look at our sales I see we are selling our designer pillows as well as our decorative ottomans online.  It seems our website is working, bringing in traffic.  I believe our conversion rate is fairly high.  I am no IT person but I think 7 out of 10 visitors turn into customers.  That’s pretty good.  I’m not sure what the average is for others.  The thing that is unknown of course is how many visitors we will receive.  For us, just like for many others that is the million dollar question.  If you search for designer or decorative pillows online Defy Brands, Inc. doesn’t show up.  However, if you search for designer western pillows we do.    We like to think we are so much more than just our western line.  Oh don’t get me wrong at Defy Brands our western pillows and ottomans are truly unique.  But we have many other looks as well.  I have heard from our customers that our cotton classic collection pillows are gorgeous.  That our contemporary synthetic leather pillows are very bright and add so much to the room.  But when you search for these types of pillows we aren’t found.  That is discouraging.  Of course what does show up is Amazon and Houzz.  Both of these sites I’m guessing sell a lot of pillows and ottomans.  Fortunately for us we sell there as well, but that isn’t our website.  So I sit here on this beautiful Tuesday day and wonder how I can get more visitors to our site.  I know that when the people come, they will love what they see.  And they can see everything that we offer.  We offer eclectic pillows, western contemporary pillows as well as contemporary pillows.  And all of our designs are offered as ottomans which are very cool.  We have ottomans with wrap around designs as well as tapered ottomans with the designs only on the top.

Anyway, I’m sure there are others out there wondering this same thing today.  If you have the answer, I would love to hear about it.  Even if you want to discuss it I would love to.  Have a great day.  Happy Tuesday.


Larry Meer is COO of Defy Brands, Inc.   Defy Brands, Inc. is a home decor online and wholesale manufacturing business that specializes in bringing to their customers unique art and colorful designs offered on everyday products people love.  Products such as designer pillows, decorative ottomans and beautiful purses.  Proudly manufactured in the United Stated.  Defy Brands, Inc. can be found at, in many retail stores, and enjoyed in many homes threw-out the United States.