Decorative pillows change the entire look of any room.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that after entering a room, it’s the decorative pillow that grabs your attention.  The correct decorative pillow can provide an extra burst of color and style.  So when choosing the correct one, you must consider all the elements to properly buy them for your living room, bedroom, or any other room.

Choosing the best decorative pillow is a matter of picking a style and color that suits the room the pillow will be used in. Other very important factors like quality, pillow care, and shape and size should be considered as well.

The quality of a decorative throw pillow can be determined by looking at the fabric and the workmanship. Better pillows are generally made with thick, good-quality fabric. The best quality models feature a removable cover around the soft interior base.  The removable cover allows the pillow to be cared for without damaging or compressing the center filling.  When you have a thinner fabric it can rip or tear easily during years of use and may even be damaged by cleaning. Then consider the inside filler.  Poor-quality filler means that the pillow won’t rebound well if it is used.  A poor-quality decorative throw pillow is usually not a good investment.

The shape and size of the pillow can mimic the lines of your existing furniture or can contrast with them, depending on the look desired.  The right decorative pillow can pull a room together even if the furniture is not perfectly matched.

So remember… you get what you pay for.  Purchasing better-quality decorative pillows may be more expensive at first, but these are usually a worthwhile investment.  A lesser-quality decorative throw pillow may need to be replaced after a short time.

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