I’m sitting here in my office and a new level of excitement has come over me.  Not because we just sold a lot of decorative pillows or ottomans, but because we are working on new products.  I love creating or at least helping in the development of our new products.

It’s fun to let the creative juices flow when you get a chance to use the left side of your brain.  That’s the creative side.  Most days I’m busy using the right side so on those rare times when I use my left I welcome it.  You work on colors and sizes, designs and shapes.  What a welcome relief from working with numbers, quotas and schedules.

When you’re finished you actually have a sample in your hand.  Something you can see and touch.  It feels good.

In this case we’re working on purses.  New never seen before bags that I’m sure you’re going to love.  Great sizes and shapes with amazing colors and designs that only Defy Brands can do.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  You’re going to want to see these tote bags.


Larry Meer is COO of Defy Brands, Inc. Defy Brands, Inc. is a home decor online and wholesale manufacturing business that specializes in bringing to their customers unique art and colorful designs offered on everyday products people love. Products such as designer pillows, decorative ottomans and beautiful purses. Proudly manufactured in the United Stated. Defy Brands, Inc. can be found at www.defybrands.com, in many retail stores, and enjoyed in many homes threw-out the United States.